smart factory event



smart factory event

  • 13:00 - 17:00
  • Drachten

Plenty of information for SMEs in the manufacturing industry of the Northern Netherlands that want to take the next step towards a Smart Factory.

Due to great success, registration is closed.

It is necessary, but certainly not easy, for SMEs in the manufacturing industry to take the step towards a Smart Factory. The rapid developments in the field of production technologies, the digitization of production processes, a growing shortage of professionals and the constant need to train employees create considerable challenges. Enough reasons to organize the Smart Factory Event where visitors can get a lot of information in a short time and then better determine their own path towards a Smart Factory.

TARGET: organizing a Smart Factory Event for SMEs in the manufacturing industry of the Northern Netherlands where:

  • practical explanation is given about the Smart Factory concept
  • various important aspects of a Smart Factory are explained in a number of workshops
  • various companies from the north of the Netherlands show their relevant products and services on the demonstrator market. 
  • various knowledge institutes show what the possibilities are in the field of Smart Industry training, among other things.

TARGET AUDIENCE: SMEs from the manufacturing industry in the Northern Netherlands, where we focus on production and operations managers, process engineers and other officials who are involved in the development towards a Smart Factory.

WHEN: March 16, 2023

WHERE: the SKILL building at the Oliemolenstraat in Drachten

TIME: from 13:00 – 17:00


The program starts with a plenary meeting in which the concept of a Smart Factory is discussed in detail. Afterwards, each participant can put together his or her own program. Visit workshops of your choice or visit one or more of the many stands at the demonstrator market. View the options here:

01 Plenary

Keynote presentation

What is a Smart Factory?

Two presentations will take place;
To start: Kornelis Caps & Closures and finally: Meijer Group.
Both give an inspiring story from practice about their experiences with the long road to a Smart Factory, how to involve employees in it and what their motivations were for starting.

Six Workshops


Various practical topics

Many decisions will have to be made on the way to a Smart Factory. Of course, sufficient knowledge must be available for this. During various workshops, renowned speakers will help you on your way to acquiring that knowledge.

The following workshops are scheduled:

  • WORKSHOP 1: how can I optimally support my employees in a rapidly changing production environment. The current possibilities in the field of operator support and adaptive work instructions are discussed.

  • WORKSHOP 2: how do I map the skills of my employees. Get acquainted with the on-line HRM Smart Industry 4.0 Tool developed in the Growin-4.0 project and especially intended for SMEs.
    By: Hanze University Groningen

  • WORKSHOP 3: how can you easily create apps focused on production progress yourself. A method developed and applied in the practice of a production company is now available to everyone.
    By: ARKONI

  • WORKSHOP 4: how do you gain insight into what is needed in terms of infrastructure for a Smart Factory. Today is a unique opportunity to get an answer to this difficult question.
    By: TNO-Groningen

  • WORKSHOP 5: cobots are rapidly conquering the market, but how do you make the right choice if you also want to use one. A practical explanation of the basic principles when using cobots.

03 Demonstrator

Demonstrator market

Companies present themselves

We organize the 'demonstrator market' in the central hall of the SKILL building. Here, various companies and knowledge institutions show their latest developments in the field of products, services and training. The program offers ample time to become acquainted with this in detail.

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