Zpandd Zernike – Weekend of Science



Zpandend Zernike – Weekend of Science

  • 12:00 - 16:00
  • Zernike Campus
  • Groningen

Come to the Dutch Institute for Space Research SRON, during science weekend Zspand Zernike on the Zernike Campus! There you can come and see with your own eyes how space cameras for space telescopes are conceived and made.

Our scientists use these cameras to study how it works in the universe and in our own Earth's atmosphere.
Scientists and makers of space instruments from SRON, the Kapteyn Institute and also the NOVA research school are in one building and open their common door.

Visitors will learn all about the most beautiful planets, stars and nebulae in the universe.
Space researchers, technicians and scientists tell all kinds of interesting facts with presentations and demonstrations. SRON's laboratories are also open to the public.
Find out what's involved in making super-sensitive space binoculars, how we test them and the requirements of the space conditions, as well as launching the space binoculars.

There are children's lectures especially for children and there is a craft corner!
Neighbors of SRON also open their scientific doors during Zpand Zernike Zondag. So there's a lot more to do!'

More information about the Weekend of Science in Groningen can be found at: https://zpannendzernike.nl