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GeTech is a good example of a regional Drenthe company (SME) that has built up a global position in a niche market: making (mould) control molds for 3D-shaped pipes in the automotive industry and in aerospace. These pipes are used in the air conditioning engines and installations of well-known car brands and in the jet engines of aircraft. In addition to shape checking, GeTech also performs other types of inspections, such as vision checks. The company's foundation rests on the three pillars: Design, production and quality. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC) and equipment, they are able to provide the highest standard in manufacturing technology.

GeTech has its own engineering department with 5 engineers and 2 R&D employees. They are working on process optimization on a daily basis and aim for an 80-85% degree of automation in production. This is done by using an in-house developed Assembly Tool and parameterizing the drawing process.

The production of the molds takes place in our own production hall using heavily automated machining machines, which are operated by operators of at least MBO level 3. 

GeTech is a Smart Demo Factory, which was officially opened on 12-2-2021 by Mr Brink (Province of Drenthe). Robot handling systems and advanced 3D Printers are used.
The company wants to further automate in the coming years and would like to collaborate with ICD companies Stork Turbine Blades and NTS Norma.

The same building also houses Binder 3D, a 100% sister company. This company also has close contacts with the ICD and is a partner in the 3D Print Compass project, where it is the link to SMEs that are taking a first step in the field of 3D printing. With Mitutoyo's 3D equipment it is possible to measure the control molds immediately after production. All this, of course, does not happen without human guidance. In addition to design and production, the team of experienced developers and engineers also offers solution expertise for various process optimizations in the sector. 

GeTech's management has an eye for the environment in which it operates and is happy to contribute to it. Many of the ICD's activities were also undertaken by GeTech, making the company a very good fit with the philosophy and operation of the ICD.

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