Stork Turbo Blading has been supplying customers in the energy market for more than 80 years. Their customers include all major OEMs, independent service companies and end users. Our team's experience, qualification and enthusiasm for developing demanding products form a solid basis for successful cooperation with our customers. The company prides itself on being a technological leader in many areas. In this way, we work on solutions that contribute to the success of their customers.



Stork strives to be the world's leading supplier of knowledge-based Asset Integrity services in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Chemical and Power sector. Its mission is to reduce risk for its customers, ensure safety and improve performance. With innovative solutions and services, they help them improve business results throughout the asset lifecycle.

Stork Turbo Blading operates two large factories for turbine components, one in the Netherlands (Sneek) and one in the United States (Ithaca NY). The company specialises in the production of turbine blades and components for thermal/nuclear steam turbines and compressor blades for gas turbines. The company is part of the Stork Group and employs 17,000 people in 100 countries in the Energy, Oil & Gas and Chemical Industries.

way of life

At Stork, corporate social responsibility and sustainability is a 'way of life'. It plays a central role in all activities and is one of the foundations for the world-class knowledge-based asset integrity management services. Stork provides these services to companies in the Oil & Gas, Chemicals and Energy sectors and other large industries, which helps them to optimise their performance. In consulting companies, it has earned the trust of international organisations. In optimising resources and uninterrupted production, the company also ensures compliance with all environmental standards. Stork makes optimal use of resources and limits wastage. In addition, it has the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to help customers reduce their impact on the environment and make their organisation more energy efficient.

Our vacancies

Quality Engineer

  • Sneek
  • MBO
  • Undetermined time
Als Quality Engineer ben jij samen met je collega’s van de afdeling verantwoordelijk voor een optimale kwaliteitsborging en begeleiding van het productieproces. Dit gebeurd middels het verrichten van allerlei metingen en controles, conventioneel maar ook CMM gestuurd. Je begeleidt meettechnisch je collega’s in de productie bij het afstellen maar ook tijdens het produceren van onze…

Internship / Graduation project. “Design Belt cabinet store unit with automatic feed for at least 20 sanding belts”

  • Sneek
  • HBO
  • From 5 to 6 months
PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project is “Design block II”, which is part of the project: Designing a Novel Replacing System for CNC Grinding and Polishing. “Design block I” together with the System design of the unit have now been worked out by a Master's student from the University of Groningen. The first two concept designs are…

Internship Production

  • Sneek
  • HBO
  • Variable
Internship description This internship is all about working with cnc controlled milling machines. In our production facility, we have seven horizontal machines, five vertical machines and six 5-axis machine centers. You are going to get familiar with all these machines during your internship. You will have a workplace supervisor who will guide you. With Stork Turbo…

Trainee 3D Metal printing

  • Sneek
  • HBO/WO
  • 5 months or longer
Job description What will you do? You will play an important role in the further deepening of 3D metal and plastic printing. This includes the certification of materials and the printing processes, topology optimization and the performance of print tests with various metals and plastics. What makes you unique as an Intern 3D metal printing HBO/WO training…

Trainee 3D measurement technician

  • Sneek
  • MBO
  • 6 months
Job description What will you do? You are part of the QC engineer team at the quality service and you cooperate. Your work consists of performing production measurements using our CMM measuring machines and 3D scanner, final checks and performing Frequency measurements and Moment weight calculations.

Contact details

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