High quality of life in the Northern Netherlands

Nieuws | 6 February 2023

The high-tech companies linked to the Innovation Cluster Drachten (ICD) in the Northern Netherlands are continuously evolving. These companies develop products and services in 3D printing, robotics, innovative products for health and well-being, renewable energy, high-pressure technology, artificial intelligence, and circular manufacturing. Therefore, they are looking for technically qualified staff, both students and people who have work experience.

Contributing to a better society

In the north, both large and small companies are dedicated to developing technical solutions to social problems. In doing so, they contribute to the economy in the north and to solutions that are applied throughout the world to improve people's well-being. It's great to be able to contribute to that. Many repetitive tasks are automated, allowing you to really get involved in projects, processes, and development. 

Student, beginner, or experienced professional?

Some of the companies offer new employees permanent employment at the start or after two years. The ICD companies also offer other types of contracts. When searching for vacancies on the ICD website, you can indicate your preference by ticking the relevant boxes. Apart from vacancies, the companies also offer internships and/or graduation projects so that you can get to know the company, the product, and the culture in an informal way. For example, Variass is looking for students with a degree in electrical engineering and mechatronics for their Test Development and Product Development departments. And GeTech is looking for Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Turners and Millers, and you are also welcome to join them if you are an apprentice instrument maker. If you are studying Applied Physics, you can join Photonis, ASTRON, SRON and XPar, among other companies. In short, plenty of opportunities for everyone. Variass zoekt bijvoorbeeld studenten met een opleiding in elektrotechniek en mechatronica voor hun Test Development en Product Development afdelingen. En GeTech is op zoek naar CNC Draaiers en frezers, en als leerling instrumentmaker ben je ook welkom. Volg je de opleiding Applied Physics, dan kun je o.a. terecht bij photonis, ASTRON, SRON and XPar. Kortom, genoeg mogelijkheden.

Also, watch our ICD video about working in the north

Also, watch our ICD video about working in the north

Numerous jobs up north

The great thing about living and working in the north is that housing is slightly more affordable than in the Randstad region, there are fewer traffic jams and plenty of space, water and nature, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors, outdoor sports or get out on the water on your day off.

If you already live here, you won't have to leave the area when looking for a job in the technology sector, as there are many job opportunities. Are you not yet familiar with the Northern Netherlands and pursuing a technical education, or do you already have work experience? Then take part in one of our High Tech Safaris, where you will learn more about the high-tech companies in the north. Safari’s, waarbij je kennismaakt met de bedrijven in het noorden. 

Are you considering an internship or job at one of the ICD companies? Check out our vacancies at: icdrachten.nl/vacancies-search/ or partofthesmart.nl partofthesmart.nl

Vacancies & Internship

Upcoming events

ICD frequently organises lectures, Safaris and events for students in secondary vocational, higher vocational education and university programmes. These events give you the opportunity to learn more about the companies and what they do. The following events will take place in February and March:

February 21: Beta Business Day van de Faculteit Science Engineering (FSE) RuG Groningen met deelname van een aantal ICD bedrijven: https://www.betabusinessdays.nl 

February 21: ICD will attend The Delft Business Days https://ddb.tudelft.nl/nl/bedrijven/innovatiecluster-drachten/ 

March 16: Smart Factory Event, waar bezoekers in korte tijd veel informatie kunnen krijgen om vervolgens zo hun eigen weg richting een Smart Factory beter te kunnen bepalen. Je maakt kennis met MKB-bedrijven in de maakindustrie in Noord-Nederland via een bedrijvenmarkt en je kunt deelnemen aan workshops.  Meer informatie vind je hier: icdrachten.nl/activiteiten/smart-factory-event

March 17: RUG Safari – Applied Physics: Math, Computer Science & AI

March 24 RUG Safari – Applied Physics, Physics & Astronomy

March 29 Connect frl

March 30: Girls day - more information will be provided soon

Also, watch our ICD video about working in the north: