Internship: Logistics project – redesign warehouse

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  • 6 months

Project management Logistics

Refurbish Warehouse

The warehouse contains all materials used for production, service and installation. The goods are now picked by the logistics staff, but sometimes also by production staff and service engineers. Current and non-current stock are now mixed up and the warehouse is not closed, so that anyone can enter the warehouse and pick a product, sometimes without registration. In the ERP system (Exact) it is set up in such a way that there is 1 warehouse location for both the items that are in the warehouse and the items that are on the production floor. In order to increase the correctness of the data with regard to the stock and thus the availability, it is important that the warehouse is redesigned and that a plan is drawn up to make the warehouse not accessible to everyone.

  • Investigation and layout of the warehouse based on turnover rate and/or product type
  • Investigation and design of a separate warehouse for articles at a storage location and production location, whereby the goods are transferred from the storage warehouse to the production warehouse for production purposes.
  • Investigation and design of a closed warehouse, whereby the level of service is maintained and the correctness of the stock is improved, which reduces the chance of misinterpretation.

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