Internship – DC-Motor dummy with commutation

Vacature van Philips

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At Philips Drachten production and innovation of electronic designs are tested using a real DC-Motor. To overcome all the drawbacks of using a real DC-Motor some first attempts of designing a motor dummy (an electronic equivalent of a real motor) is made. However, in all these attempts the (basic) commutation behavior needed to test some motor control options is not present. In this assignment, it is the goal to add this (basic) commutation behavior. Furthermore, it is desired that the speed and current can be shown by the system (e.g. on a display via a uController) and that the load can be set by this same system.

  • Create understanding of Philips electronics, DC-motors, and equivalent circuits.
  • Create electronic design options.
  • Implement the winning option.
  • Verify the system, optimize
  • Capturing of the knowledge in a report

Required Skills

  • Analog Electronic HW design
  • Embedded Software
  • Modelling and Simulation


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