(Graduation) Internship Applied Mathematics

Geplaatst op: 19-05-2020 | Solliciteren voor: 02-09-2020

Who?                                   A research university (WO) or applied sciences university (HBO) student who is interested in data analysis and algorithm developmen

Why?                                    The amount of data collected by energy systems is growing fast. To get more value out of the data available, we are looking for an analyst to work on this information.

                                       Where?                               YP Your Partner, Ampèrelaan 1, 9207 AM Drachten


Internship description

As a Big Data Analyst, you are passionate about improving processes through data analysis. This assignment focuses on getting more value out of the available process optimization data. YP Your Partner aims the scope of its Smart Machines project at improving the processes of industrial installations.

We will define the internship assignment together with you. You will have your own responsibilities and will get room for your own initiatives, but we operate as a team and support each other where necessary. If you are interested in the latest technology and want to learn more about Big Data, The Internet of Things and mobile applications, our Smart Machines project is an ideal opportunity for you!


YP Your Partner

The product of YP Your Partner is C.A.R.S (Complete Automation and Reliability Suite). C.A.R.S ensures accurate and preventive information day and night. The self-regulating process uses Big Data as input. The more we know, share and digitize, the more accurately our C.A.R.S system will operate. In this way, C.A.R.S continues to improve all the time. This is a never-ending learning process.


Need more information?

Go to www.yp-yourpartner.nl or www.carsonline.eu, send an email to info@yp-yourpartner.nl

or call 0512 – 589 842.

YP Your Partner


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