Internship graduation Hydrogen Feed Controller

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Internship graduation Hydrogen Feed Controller

Resato’s core competence is to create, control and manipulate high pressure in fluids and gases. We use this competence to develop products, systems, and solutions in various application areas and markets like high pressure test systems, hydrogen filling and waterjet cutting system. A Fleet Owner Station is developed to fuel hydrogen cars by compressing hydrogen from its feed. This hydrogen feed can consist of an electrolyze, tube, tube trailer or which is mostly used bottle racks. Bottle racks have the added value that they are easy to transport from supplier to fueling station. But bottle racks aren’t ‘smart’ modules so they can’t tell the supplier that they have to be replaced by new ones. At least until now..

Goal project

Resato wants to make their own hydrogen feed controller which can control the flow between bottle racks and the Fleet Owner Station. This feed controller needs to check all separated pressures in the different bottle racks. With this knowledge the controller needs to switch between the bottle racks to guarantee the highest effective pressure. When a bottle rack is approaching its lower limit the controller has to send a signal to the supplier so new bottle racks are going to be placed. The feed controller needs shutoff the empty bottle racks so the supplier can easily and safe replace the bottle racks.

Execution of project:

The work will be carried out within the R&D department of Assen. Colleagues within the R&D department will provide input and support throughout the project. It is important to share knowledge throughout the project with experienced people.

Project scope

  • Piping & instrumentation diagram
  • The CAD design
  • Plan to safely replace a bottle rack
  • Flow priority plan - Electric schema’s
  • IoT module to send the data to the internet


Start September 2020

For more information contact Bart van Nes at


Resato International


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