Internship SD: Fast pulses analysis

Geplaatst op: 30-04-2019

We are looking for a MSc student with a strong physics background and affinity with characterization work and programming, for an internship on temporal characterization of electron pulse propagation in single photon counting detectors. 

Photonis Netherlands B.V. is the market leader in the development, production and sales of high-tech residual light amplifiers that are used in the industrial, scientific, medical and night vision market. Approximately 250 employees are working at the production plant in Roden; in addition to production, departments such as R&D, Finance, Engineering, SCM, Purchasing, Sales and Marketing are also located in this facility. Photonis is an international no nonsense organization that works on success with an enormous drive.

     Internship: Temporal characterization of electron pulse propagation in single photon counting detectors

MCP-PMT devices are highly used in medical and scientific domains to detect low intensity photon fluxes by counting single photons arriving to the detector. As examples of these applications we can mention time-resolve fluorescence spectroscopy, Cherenkov detectors, and LIDAR for space applications. A MCP-PMT is a vacuum device consisting of a photocathode, absorbing the light and emitting photoelectrons, typically two MCPs, multiplying the electrons from the photocathode and an anode to collect the output bunches of electrons. The time resolution of these devices is in the ns or even sub-ns range.
Photonis developed a fast state-of-the-art MCP-PMT capable to measure few GHz burst fluxes of arriving photons (see the Figure) with a rise time and time transfer spread being below 200 ps and 40 ps, respectively. High detection quantum efficiency, very low dark rate, high linearity, long lifetime and excellent temporal characteristic are parameters of these detectors making them unique for many applications.
During the development we faced the limitation of our characterization equipment, so we upgraded it with a sub-ps laser, fast oscilloscope and 100 ps multi-channel analyzer with which we proved the targeted performances. Now we are analyzing in more details our detectors to see how to make the further steps of improvement.

The internship
The subject of the proposed internship is the implementation, development, characterization and analysis of the fast MCP- PMT (including several configurations of the device). It will be required to work (to learn to work) with first timing techniques based on existing systems and the development of further lab view driven analysis tools.

We offer
A full time internship in a booming high-tech company for a period of 6 months

You are a MSc student with a strong physics background and affinity with characterization work and programming (lab view knowledge or willing to learn).
CV and cover letter in English to be sent to HRM, Photonis: For more information:
By applying for this position you agree that we will provide your personal data to our internal stakeholders. We can consult your LinkedIn account.



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