NTS Norma relocates due to increasing demand for ultra-precision parts

Nieuws | 19 mei 2021

NTS Norma in Drachten has a unique global position when it comes to precision machining and ultra-precision parts for markets such as semiconductor, medical technology, life sciences & analytics and optics. NTS Norma is a high-tech first-line supplier that designs, produces and assembles complete mechatronic systems. The core strength of NTS Norma lies in its extensive experience in the field of ultra-precision activities. Norma products belong to the highest accuracy class and are made of complex materials.

Increasing demand

The trend towards miniaturization and the complexity that it entails are important cornerstones for NTS. As a result, there is an increasing demand for ultra-precision parts, which are used for developments in the medical field, electric cars, 5G and internet connections to devices and systems. But there is also a shortage of chips that are used for home and garden electronics. To meet this demand, NTS is now investing in a building that satisfies optimal conditions and future ambitions.

The current building is leased and does not have sufficient capacity. In recent years, NTS Norma has seen enormous growth and when we look at future developments, we know that this will only increase. We have to anticipate this now,” says Djoke Attema, Project Manager at NTS.

Business of the future

The new building’s climate must be optimal, given the tolerances that are much more precise with products of this minuscule size. In addition, aspects such as floor stability, routing and positioning the machines in the right place are essential.

It is also an advantage for our customers that NTS has many disciplines under one roof, so we need to outsource less and can therefore deliver products at the very edge of manufacturability. We are also considering further expansion in the future. By not immediately using the entire plot but by designing it in such a way that we are flexible, we can build extra space in the future and create further growth in line with the increasing demand for ultra-precise components.

Engaging NTS employees

Our employees contribute ideas and have a say in the design and requirements of their new workplace. Each department is represented in the consultation group,” says Djoke, who is closely involved in the renovation and future relocation. The new building can be fully adapted to our requirements.

We have the culture of a family business. Quite often, the son or daughter of an employee also works for us. This is unique and it also creates engagement.

New talent and experienced people are always welcome!

“For the recruitment of new talents, we work closely with Innovatiecluster Drachten and we stay in contact with schools for secondary vocational education and universities of applied sciences such as RUG,” Djoke explains.

‘But we also attract many people who started their careers elsewhere but still come back to Friesland. We can understand why: our company is a great place to work, and Friesland is a lovely place to live!