Stage Event: Graduation Project

Geplaatst op: 01-11-2019 | Solliciteren voor: 07-01-2020

Company; Kwant Controls is a renowned specialist supplier of nautical controls and control-systems which are has proudly designed and manufactured nautical instruments since 1937. For our customers, this legacy guarantees innovation, continuity and reliability, when using Kwant Controls instruments in their control systems. With our dedicated and quality-driven organisation, we can offer a wide range of variations on the standard range of instruments. Nearly all products are type approved by the world’s leading classification societies.

Background; most of the nautical controls are equipped with electric motors (stepper motor), sensors, vibrator, buzzer and/or illumination. Additionally gears, connection rods and other mechanical components are also incorporated. All electrical and mechanical components are optimized for design, and fully integrated in the Kwant Controls or customer specific shaped nautical controls. The nautical controls translate the setpoints from the captain to setpoints to the propulsion system mainly via fieldbus technology. Examples of nautical controls are levers, joysticks and steering wheels.

The electromotors are used for:

  • Synchronization of levers at different operating positions which are not active
  • (Electrical shaft for bumpless control transfer)
  • Operation feedback to operator at active control station, this can be a detent and haptic force feedback

Graduation project; to meet future goals, an improved overall control system (with haptic force feedback) is required. A high-level overview of the control system (sensor, control algorithm and actuator) is shown in attached drawing.

Basic simulation model and test setup are present for detailed measurements and extension. This technology development incorporates all phases from specification, design, simulation, implementation and validation. Additional requirements for type approved by the world’s leading classification societies are also incorporated.

Main subjects are System design, Sensor technology, Electromotor technology, Control systems with emphasis on force feed-back to operator, Embedded Hard-/Software and Haptics.

Kwant Controls


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