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Master Thesis Assignment

Design the perfect Driving Bridge


Philips is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of Hair Cutting devices such as Shavers, Hair Clippers and Beard Trimmers.

Many trimming devices have a cutting element that have a reciprocal movement, which is generated by an eccentric drive placed on a rotating motor axis.

Typical execution is an eccentric pin that moves in a plastic element having a slot, which is fixed to the cutting element. This plastic part is called ‘driving bridge’.

This is a crucial part of the device that can make or break a good performance.

Classical challenge is to have:

no play (to avoid vibrations, noise and performance loss)

little friction losses (e.g. low clamping force on the pin), since this would increase energy consumption which is not desired for battery operated devices.

within boundaries of feasible production tolerances.


Design, model and build an optimal driving bridge, having the following characteristics:

predictable performance, optimized for

Minimal friction losses; low spread in Torque required to drive the element

No or minimal play

Low noise

High drive stiffness

and next to that takin into account

Compactness (allowing high design freedom)

Low cost

Achievable tolerances for mass production

As a bonus, alternative rotation-to-translation transformation principles can be regarded.


Dynamic modeling & simulation

Stiffness calculation / FEM

Preferably include material behavior (e.g. relaxation when using plastics, wear)


Generate alternative concepts & improve existing concepts for rotation to translation


Make prototypes of several alternative concepts

Measure behavior (e.g. dynamic behavior & material behavior)


Philips Drachten


Ir. René van den Berg



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