(Graduation) Assignment ZiuZ Medical – Automatic pill counting and identification

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In the USA all medication is packed in bulk bottles by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. These bottles are put on stocked by pharmacies. If a patient comes to collect their prescribed medication, a ‘Pharmacist technician’ manually opens the bulk bottle, manually counts and checks the pills and puts them in a ‘vial’ (small bottle). A Pharmacist check the vial before this is handed over to the patient.

This process takes quite some time (cost; waiting time) and is prone for errors (patient safety at risk).

There are already a couple of high end, high speed, high investment devices on the market that help pharmacies to automate these tasks but not all medication is covered and for some pharmacies / processes the price is too high to make a decent ROI. Ideally ZiuZ can provide a device that solves the ‘low end’ medication distribution problem.


Develop a first concept solution that can count pills and check their identity (via vision, sensors, weight, ….) in a relatively fast and secure way. The quantity of pills is the content of one bulk bottle.


  • a conceptual description of the process and problem areas
  • a working prototype for at least one of the critical process steps (choice can be made taking the students background/study into account).


  • Conceptual thinker but bias for action;
  • Affinity with Mechatronics;
  • Affinity with cameras and vision technology;
  • Experience with independent programming;
  • Ability to work independently but also in a team.

Q1/Q2 2021

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