(Graduation) Internship ZiuZ Forensic – Hash Library and Matching Prototype

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ICT Software Development


Police services do a lot of research into child abuse. An important part is the viewing, analysis and classification of image and video material. To lower the work load, during the evidence processing on the servers, an automated check is done for ‘known items’ by doing hash comparison. These ‘know items’ do not need investigation and that saves a lot of time for the investigators.

The hashes for the cases as well as for the central ‘Library’ are currently stored in SQL Server databases. The library has its own database and contains multiple sets of hashes. Hashes can be imported from hash files or uploaded from (finished) cases into the library. It must be easy to delete from hash sets, compare hash sets etc.

The hash matching itself is done outside of the database on multiple servers in parallel for multiple cases. Hash matching of files in a case is done with the central library hash sets, but also with images and videos in other cases. The structure of the current library and how we do our hash matching is suboptimal and does not fit future requirements.


Design and implement a hash storage and hash matching solution that meets the functional and non-functional (a.o. performance) requirements of our new upcoming child abuse investigation product.


A prototype in which multiple types of hashes can be stored which meets the requirements and where fast hash matching can take place.


  • Ability to work independently but also in teams that develop using the Agile Scrum methodology;
  • Developing in Microsoft Visual Studio with C#.NET
  • Making use of SQL Server, Elastic Search and/or a new technology.

Q1/Q2 2021


ZiuZ has a standard internship / graduation allowance of € 275 per month and a maximum of € 100 travel allowance if applicable.

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