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Software Development

ZiuZ develops and delivers pouch inspection systems for pharmacies, all over the world. The pouches (Baxter zakjes) are produced via a pouch packager. These dispensing devices are delivered to the pharmacies by partners of ZiuZ, who also sell the ZiuZ products.

For optimal performance, the medication rolls are cut and winded in specific patient rolls. These rolls are scanned and sorted to shift between rolls with errors and rolls without. Unfortunately the handling of the trays that are used for sorting is not available yet, which can cause serious errors during the scan and sort process if the wrong tray is used.


Extend the current Scan & Sort functionality in the MedInspect software.

When scanning a medication roll the user needs to scan a tray to place the roll in.

The solution needs to assist the user in the following:

  • Rolls for the same facility are placed in the same tray
  • Full trays can be un-registered to be emptied
  • Empty trays can be used again for new rolls and facilities
  • An Audit trail (existing) is kept of all user actions


The assignment consists of the design and development of the extended Scan & Sort functionality within an already existing environment, MedInspect.

  • A demonstration of the working functionality


What is expected of you?

  • Ability to quickly adapt existing functionality
  • Think conceptual
  • Ability to work independently but also in a team.


ZiuZ has a standard internship / graduation allowance of € 275 per month and a maximum of € 100 travel allowance if applicable.

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