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The assignment focuses on hay fever persons who are allergic to mites, pets or pollen. 20 – 30% of the European population (!) falls in this group. Hay fever not only leads to nose and eye symptoms, it can also impart sleep, productivity at work, school examination results and lead to car accidents.

Medication is available but not very effective. However, allergen protection measures could also help to reduce symptoms.

Portable air purifiers might serve this purpose. Current models are developed to remove stable, air-borne pollutants. Allergens are different as they are normally deposited on floors and other surfaces. Human activities resuspend them into the air but for only short periods of time.

This assignment aims to achieve the next step in allergen protection: redefine air purifiers in order to create allergen-free air around the hay fever person, reliably and effectively.


The internship explores new allergen-dedicated air purifier architectures.

First, air-flow dynamics calculations are carried out to model the effectiveness of current devices versus resuspended allergens. In a second step, based on gained insights, the student proposes and models alternative architectures in order to achieve a far higher protection performance. Preferably, the calculated superiority is complemented by experimental proof.


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