Laser beam welding of dissimilar stainless steels

Vacature van Philips

  • Philips
  • Drachten
  • WO
  • 6-9 months - Q3 2021

Research project for master’s student

Your challenge

Contribute to bringing the laser beam welding process at Philips Drachten to the next level, by investigating and optimizing weld quality obtained with laser beam welding two dissimilar stainless steels. Laser beam welding uses a high-power density laser to fully melt and fuse pieces of metal with deep welds and high welding rates, often used in high volume applications. Welding of stainless steels is a complex and delicate domain, especially in the case of dissimilar steels. High heating and cooling rates in the fusion zone and heat affected zone lead to the formation of a variety of microstructures and mechanical properties with respect to the base metal, deleteriously affecting the overall mechanical properties. The focus of this project is to investigate the microstructure and mechanical properties of the fusion zone and heat affected zones. In addition, the effect of various weld modes and post heat treatments will be investigated to optimize weld quality. As this will be a crucial step in the production process of a novel type of consumer product, you will directly contribute to the introduction of a future consumer product.

Your responsibilities

  • Define your exact project scope related to the business aspect of this project, in cooperation with internal stakeholders.
  • Investigate the effect of the laser beam welding process on microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld.
  • Design experiments to investigate the abovementioned phenomena.
  • Perform experiments in close cooperation with laser machining specialists.
  • Select and use suitable tools to analyze the microstructure and mechanical properties of the weld, e.g., SEM, nanoindentation, EBSD.
  • Deliver a research document, describing your learnings and recommendations (scientific and industrial).

Your team

  • Work in close relation with laser and metallurgic specialists.


  • University (4 days) and Philips Drachten (1 day)

Our offer

  • Know-how and connections.
  • Experience with industrial environment and colleagues (office, lab, prototyping, production).
  • High tech equipment and specialists.
  • Direct contribution to the production process of a future consumer product
  • Master level.
  • Duration ≈ 6-9 months.
  • Available per Q3 2021.

We are looking for

  • A passionate student interested in materials science and process engineering.
  • A drive to innovate.
  • Open for discussion, and ability to take ownership.

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