Delft Business Days 2022 – CANCELLED



Delft Business Days 2022 – CANCELLED

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We are proud to present our participation in the Delftse Bedrijven Dagen 2021. The Delftse Bedrijvendagen is the largest technical career event for jobs, internships and graduation assignments in the Netherlands.

Delft business days

On February 16, 2022, more than 3000 students will be introduced to our 22 high-tech companies in order to obtain one of the coveted (graduation) places. 

The Delftse Bedrijvendagen, the largest technical career events for jobs, internships and graduation assignments in the Netherlands.

Orientation Days

The largest event of the Delftse Bedrijvendagen are the Orientation Days. The foyer and canteen of the TU Delft Aula Congress Center will be completely renovated on 14–16 February 2022 into a three-day market where more than 150 different companies will present themselves with a stand. On the exhibition floor, students can contact the employees of the company with all their questions.

Register students

Would you like to visit us during De Delftse Bedrijven? Then register from January 3 via:

Delft Business Days

The Delftse Bedrijven Dagen has been organized since 1996. We are looking forward to meeting the students.


The content of the Orientation Days is as follows:

10:00–10:30  opening talk

10:30–10:45 Stand visit

10:45–11:15 Presentation Round 1

11:15–11:45 Network Carousel

11:45–12:15 Presentation Round 2

12:15–12:45 Stand visit + Matchmaking

12:45–13:30 Inspirational Speaker

13:30–13:45 Stand visit

13:45–14:15 Presentation Round 3

14:15–14:45 Network Carousel

14:45–15:15 Presentation Round 4

15:15–15:45 Stand visit + Matchmaking

15:45–16:15 Presentation Round 5

16:15–16:30 Stand visit

16:30–17:30 End of the day