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Women in technology

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Women talk about their job in technology

More and more women choose a technical education and a technical profession. At ICD, we are happy to encourage this! We have a number of interesting vacancies and internships. So don't hesitate and take a look at the career page. Here you also see which companies are affiliated with the Innovation Cluster and how you can find 'the job' that matches your education or work experience.

Anne kicks off with the series of women who work in technology. Watch the video below about her experience at Sparck Technologies in Drachten.

Lisa Scheltinga is a production engineer and works in a technical environment at De Wulf in Winsum, Friesland. With here knowledge of Lean, a standard working method, she helps the teams on the work place with process improvements. Listen to her own story in the video below.

Sietske Dijkstra is a metrology and software engineer at FMI Improvia where they make specialist machines for handling and inspecting products at a very precize level. Watch her story in the video.

Esmé Salverda, working as an office assistant in a technical environment at FMI Improvia

Wilma Oost, Quality Engineer at Photonis keeps an eye on quality. She indicates that technology is so broad that you can use it in many directions. So plenty of choice if you want a job in the high-tech industry.

Djoke Attema works at NTS Norma as a team leader of support groups and really enjoys this technical environment.

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Anne Koet – Sparkk Technologies
Lisa Scheltinga – De Wulf
Sietske Dijkstra – FMI Improvia
Esmé Salverda – FMI Improvia
Wilma East – Photonis
Djoke Attema – NTS Norma
Meta van Essen – XPAR Vision
Mariska Okkema – BD Kiestra
Lucy Boersma – STORK
Larissa Drysdale – ZiuZ
Kina Bijleveld – Philips