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Innovation Cluster Drachten

We are part of the smart

Our high-tech companies form the backbone of the Smart Industry in Northern Netherlands. We are part of the high-tech manufacturing industry, the Top Sector High Tech Systems. High Tech Systems refers to business activities aimed at the production and development of equipment, instruments, machines, mechanisation, automotive, trucks & buses, aircraft and ships.

Characteristic features of High Tech Systems:

  • highly intelligent (embedded systems, software, sensors)
  • high-precision (nanoelectronics, high-precision manufacturing)
  • highly efficient (mechatronics).

All our partners meet these characteristics. Most of them are an OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer. They are self-creating, internationally active and deliver to end users. These can be either consumers or companies. Some of our partners mainly focus on system innovation and system integration. They too are active on a global scale.

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