102nd anniversary of Beenen Batenburg

News | June 10, 2022

2020 was a special year, because then Beenen existed 100 years!

1920 – 1983
In the year 1920 John Beenen focused on electrical installations for generators, lighting and later also radio installations.

In 1986 the electrical engineering company with its winding department was sold to Batenburg Techniek NV. This gave Beenen a sound financial basis to be able to grow responsibly.

Due to the explosive growth, the building on the Leitswei in Gorredijk had become too small. Beenen now had about 100 employees. That is why in 2006 the brand new office building with workshop was moved into at Mercurius 22 in Heerenveen.

Today, Beenen grows along with the latest technologies to enable factories and machines to manufacture products safely, efficiently and sustainably.

The demand for robotic automation solutions is increasing. Beenen also grows with the wishes of the customer and is actively involved in the latest innovations in robotics, namely Autonomous Mobile Robots.

May 12, 2022:
Big party: Beenen celebrates its 102-year anniversary and is proud to announce that from today they will go through life as Batenburg Beenen.