Artificial Intelligence and Dashboarding: The key to new insights

News | May 8, 2023

In the past, if you drove into the garage with a rattling car, the mechanic would tell you which part needed to be replaced. The mechanic is absent. Because of the way it is now read with a plug, domain knowledge is crucial.

Theun Prince, YP Your Partner

The podcast discusses the developments, challenges and opportunities of Remote Sensing and Big Data associated with collecting and analyzing data in the modern age.

Theun Prins of YP Your Partner is an expert in remote sensing and data analysis. He tells us more about the complexity and future prospects of these technologies. In this article, we discuss the key insights discussed during the podcast about the role of artificial intelligence, dashboarding and actionable action in this rapidly evolving field.   

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Connectivity and Data Conversion

The importance of connectivity is emphasized in the process of remote sensing and big data. To gain useful knowledge, data must be collected and collected from various sources and sensors. Collecting unstructured data and converting it into structured information is often done using Mongodb.

Such tools are referred to as database systems. These database systems enable organizations to generate high-quality data to drive processes and improve decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence and New Insights

An additional striking point that is discussed in the podcast by Theun Prins is how artificial intelligence (AI) is used to analyze data. From validated data with linked units, AI can generate valuable insights. With the help of AI, new patterns and trends can be discovered by analyzing the collected data. With the help of artificial intelligence, disruptions or possible outages can be anticipated in a timely manner in public areas. In this way, preventive actions can be taken.

Among other topics, dashboarding and the presentation of information are also discussed. Dashboards allow users to display their data in a visual way and thus quickly understand important information. Critical data and trends can be quickly viewed by organizations using dashboards. It is crucial to be able to click through from national to regional and local data, underlining the need for contextual information. A proactive approach can be adopted by detecting problems early and paying attention to specific installations and trends.

Tips and Tricks for Successful Implementation

Diverse perspectives can be explored and innovative solutions can be found by involving people with different areas of expertise such as network technology and embedded electronics.

As an additional consideration, it is important to stay informed about the latest technological developments. To make wise decisions, you need to understand how technology is evolving and what possible future trends and risks are. Doing a little risk analysis can help identify potential obstacles and ensure appropriate action is taken for the future.


Covering remote sensing and big data, the podcast delivers in-depth insight into the evolving world of data collection, analysis, and use. Connectivity, data conversion and artificial intelligence are very important. In addition, dashboarding plays a major role in both the presentation and the taking of proactive measures. Remote sensing together with big data can help companies gain valuable insights that allow them to have better optimized operations. By involving various areas of expertise and using a structured framework, such as the IoT canvas, effective results can be achieved.

The expertise of YP Your Partner includes comprehensive solutions for IoT, Big Data and remote sensing. In addition, the company assists organizations that want to take advantage of these technologies. 

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