girls day

News | April 13, 2022

After two years it was again possible to organize a Girls Day. This day aims to introduce girls in the age of 10 to 15 years to female technical role models in a technical work environment. For years, the number of girls and women who choose a profession in science, technology and IT has been low. Only 14 percent of technical professionals in the Netherlands are women. This is due to gender stereotypical influences, a limited picture of technical education and professions, low self-confidence in science subjects and the lack of role models and incentives. On the other hand, science, technology and IT are more important than ever for society. For example, lab technologists are developing vaccines, engineers are inventing ergonomic solutions for home workplaces, and IT professionals are championing secure video connections. 

Representatives of the ICD companies BD, Sparck Technologies, Philips and Astron facilitated a number of workshops in which 240 girls from the schools CSG Liudger VMBO, CSG Liudger HAVO/VWO and Piter Jelles Friesepoort could experience for themselves what happens at these companies and how it is implemented.

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At BD, the students were allowed to color in pink notes that represented bacteria. These were scanned at BD at a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the bacteria grows and it can be quickly determined whether and which treatment is needed. Photo scans show the status of the bacteria. One of the trays with a pink drawing was chosen as the winner via a drawing. The winning student, whose name was mentioned on the 'bacteria', received a nice gift package. 

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At Sparck Technologies they attended the 'Building a bridge' workshop. The students worked together to build the strongest possible paper bridge.

At Philips they got a look at how the design of products in the field of feminine care comes about: how do I put my product together as efficiently as possible at the right cost price. Then they got an explanation about the Tasty Factory and Little Bits with the use of Lean Six Sigma in the production process.

The workshops were followed with great enthusiasm and happy faces were seen. And who knows, we might see some ladies in a few years, when they are working in technology!

Photography: Gerben Duijster