'Good advice on study choice because you know what is going on'

News | September 30, 2019

Jan Molenaar (L), physics and mathematics teacher, is enthusiastic about the Hololens.

Rienkje Postma from ROC Friese Poort Sneek, Jan Molenaar from the ESDAL college in Emmen and Feike Vermaning from AMS in Franeker first hear a story from innovation manager Anne Gerben Terpstra from PerkinElmer. He explains how farmers can use data analysis to determine the health of their cows. “This is not only good for the welfare of the animals, the quality of dairy products also improves and farmers also save money because cows live healthier for longer.” This is followed by a lecture by director and owner of YP Your Partner, Theun Prins: “Augmented reality shows how we will work together in the future. After all, seeing is believing and not just on videos''. The teachers see examples of how data can add all kinds of useful, but also fun aspects to reality. Prins: ,,Direct interaction with the data, that's what we want. Now you can with the Hololens. The technology is still in its infancy, but it has great potential." 

Step further

Molenaar, a physics and mathematics teacher, is enthusiastic about the Hololens. ,,But what good is this to me, I'm retiring in a year? This is for young people!” Prins explains with an example that augmented reality is also interesting for him. ,,The IKEA catalog will no longer be in the letterbox, but with special glasses and an internet connection you can simply furnish your own living room at home with furniture of your choice.'' That idea makes Molenaar think. “I used to teach physics in a boring way. Nowadays I can visualize a lot, but with the Hololens you can go one step further. That makes teaching more fun and students experience the subject matter.” 

Development team

The teachers find the afternoon useful. Together with others they form a so-called teacher development team, DOT for short. They deal with all kinds of subjects, including keeping yourself well informed about what is going on in the companies. Vermaning, teacher of mathematics, physics and chemistry: ,,Some colleagues do not leave school for 40 years. With special programs we encourage them to shed light on the companies where our students will work after their studies. And if you know what's going on, you can only properly advise students in their choice of study."