ICD Ambassadors Day 2014

News | September 3, 2014

On August 28, 26 Innovation Cluster Ambassadors gathered to kick off the new school year. It was the first time that all the companies of the cluster came together to discuss the topic of Education. In total, all companies now have more than 40 Ambassadors. Ambassadors are “engineers for the class”. Sometimes, as a permanent subject teacher, but even more so, at the request of schools, as a promoter of technology. During the meeting, we discussed in more detail what the 4 archet types (Bètamentality) of today's students look like and how you can approach them in different ways. In addition, there were 2 Ambassadors of Technology from a national organization who explained how they conveyed the same message to students in an interactive way, by means of the 7 worlds of technology.

If you, from your school, are interested in a visit from one of our ICD Ambassadors, please feel free to contact Sara.Bohnen@philips.com or j.wageveld@variass.nl

A nice commercial for inspiration: