Make it in the North brings companies and talent together

News | 13 Feb 2020

'Working with different professionals quenches my creative thirst'

On Tuesday 11 February, the entrance to student housing complex Markt058 in Leeuwarden was already well filled before the official opening by alderman Friso Douwstra. He keeps his talk short. After all, the predominantly young public has come for the dozens of SMEs and workshops.

Antonio from Greece has our attention. He came to the Netherlands with his wife who is studying at the University of Groningen† Antonio is an engineer and is looking for a job. With his smooth chat and appearance, he quickly received an invitation to come and work in the sales department of YP Your Partner† That's not quite what he's looking for. ,,I like so many things, I actually prefer to talk to a company about what we can do for each other. That's why I want to get to know you better.” He finds the collaboration between our high-tech companies interesting. That's new to him. ,,I would like to program, preferably at a company with a positive impact on society. In addition, I think it is important to work with professionals from different backgrounds. That quenches my creative thirst."

Feel at home

Antonio is the textbook example of 'the partner' who comes along with an expat, looks for a job and doesn't really know where to start. Make it in the North offers a solution. Since last year, it has been helping internationally oriented talent in the Northern Netherlands to find jobs, opportunities and information. In this way, the platform ensures that foreign talent also feels at home in our region. ,,Exactly our motivation'', says program manager Joost Krebbekx of Innovatiecluster Drachten. With special programs for student, alumni and other technical talents, the high-tech companies show that the offer in the north is at least as interesting as in other regions. “Our companies operate worldwide, 45 nationalities work there and they are also leaders in their field.” Fortunately, according to Krebbekx, attention is not only focused on companies in Eindhoven and Delft. “Our companies may not be well known, but working there is just as interesting and challenging.” Partly due to the collaboration between the R&D departments and the mutual exchange of knowledge. "Students who have experienced this once want nothing more than to stay."

Washing and drying

The visitors walk step by step along the stands. Some follow a workshop in the rooms where residents of the building take the elevator to their apartment. Two laughing ladies are standing by the wall with large washing and drying drums, hidden behind some stands. Finally, they dare to take their clean laundry to a tumble dryer. Nobody pays attention to them. The companies attract attention. In addition to students from NHL/Stenden, a striking number of RUG students have found their way to Leeuwarden. The main language is English, as the audience comes from all over the world. From Germany and Belgium, from India to Italy and from Brazil to Spain.

Technical card

Maria from Barcelona asks for sales and marketing positions, but also appears to be interested in high-tech. she knows ASTRON† “Great what they do there. I attended several lectures in DOT in Groningen about astronomical research. The link between science and technology really appeals to me.” Maria studies linguistics and would prefer to work in a hospital or other company where research is important. ,,That way I can also learn a lot while working.'' Mitchell from Drachten knows our business cluster up close. “I find your network interesting. I have for my PhD with Variass and have seen the possibilities of cooperation within the Innovation Cluster. That opens up all kinds of opportunities for me.” He graduated in Supply Chain Management and is looking for a job. “The Northern Netherlands is not seen as the place to be for a technical job. This is changing and with Innovatiecluster Drachten, the north is getting better and better on the technical map.”

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