Water fun for elephants thanks to YP Your Partner

News | 14 June 2017

The new Artis elephant enclosure has been opened and contains 15 so-called 'behaviour-enriching objects'. One of these is a whirlpool that the elephants love to play in. Because they not only play in the water, but also shower in it and let their feces and urine run into it, a water filtering system is necessary. The new water purification system is operated with the information and control system CARS from YP Your Partner. In order to guarantee clean and safe water, the zoo monitors, manages and operates the water purification using the smart software CARS software. In this way, the caretakers have insight into the quality of the water 24 hours a day.

Elephants like to seek out the water, especially when it is warm. That's why . has Artis in the new country house a large pond. Unexpected bubbles rise in the water causing the water to move and challenging the elephants to play. This gives the elephants incentives to stimulate their natural behaviour.