Zero defect with paperless operator support in assembly

News | 27 Nov 2017

"Due to the increasing product variety and smaller series, a large part of the work will remain manual in the future." That is what Hendri Kortman, innovation manager at VARIASS† Under his leadership, the technicians were introduced to 'paperless operator support'. A pilot of research institution TNO in collaboration with VARIASS, Vekon, Confed Systems, KMWE and Block Systems† Kortman: ,,Paperless operator support is alive in the manufacturing industry and offers possibilities to achieve zero defect assembly with a lot of manual assembly.''

Right at once

The industry demands that manual work must be done right the first time. Crucial here is optimal, preferably paperless, support for the operator during assembly. According to Kortman, experienced and inexperienced employees will have to switch more quickly due to the constantly changing products. “This increases the chance of mistakes. That is why TNO, together with five companies, has carried out a special project with projected work instructions.”

In recent years, new technologies and systems for operator support have become available. Think, for example, of electronic work instructions, augmented reality and projection. SMEs need practical knowledge of the effectiveness of these new operator support systems. The TNO pilot provides concrete solutions for this.

The meeting was held at Neopost in Drachten. The participating companies in the Knowledge Circle Manufactoring Engineering were:

Brink Towing



Total Productivity

Delta Instruments