Demcon opens location in Groningen

News | March 16, 2017

From the location in Son, near Eindhoven, more than sixty employees now carry out major projects for customers in various markets. Director Dennis Schipper foresees a similar development in Groningen. Last autumn, the company opened a branch in Delft. Thanks to the start in Groningen, Demcon now covers all corners of the world in our country and the company is close to the four universities that offer science & engineering.

University of Groningen

Demcon carries out major projects for international clients and markets its own products through subsidiaries. The company continues to grow steadily and is in constant need of new, highly trained employees from the technical universities in the Netherlands. The head office in Enschede and the branches in Son and Delft are well connected to the technical university in their immediate vicinity. The company is now taking the step to Groningen, where the broad University of Groningen (RUG) is increasingly profiling itself as a technical university. 


Demcon is already running a high-profile project in Groningen with the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG). There treats surgeon Koert de Jong liver cancer using a needle that 'burns away' the tumor. Demcon developed a needle placement robot that is faster, more efficient and more patient-friendly than the procedure currently performed by the surgeon manually. The technical innovator also wants to contribute the knowledge of the RUG to help the industry in the North to modernize their production processes.


Professor of discrete technology and production automation at the University of Groningen, Jacquelien Scherpen, previously worked with Demcon. ,,I know it as an innovative company that is close to my field of control technology. In recent years they have been involved in projects that I have carried out together with the University of Twente and other parties.” According to Scherpen, the company is interesting for science & engineering students. “Think of applied physics and industrial/mechanical engineering, but also biomedical engineering. Many developments in our research can be of importance to Demcon and, conversely, they have high-quality knowledge that is of interest to us.” According to the professor, it is self-evident that the University of Groningen puts a lot of energy into the reception of the company. “It fits in with the university's policy to properly shape relations with society and industry.”


In addition to the collaboration with the University of Groningen, Demcon wants to manifest itself in Northern Netherlands networks for technology and innovation. A good example is Innovatiecluster Drachten, which brings together high-tech companies from across the region in innovation and labor market projects. Demcon has already approached Innovatiecluster Drachten to strengthen cooperation ties. According to program manager Joost Krebbekx of Innovatiecluster Drachten, Demcon is well known. “Some of our high-tech partners already work closely with Demcon. That is why we are open to exploratory discussions to see how we can shape a possible collaboration”.   


Demcon already participates in the Smart Industry field lab Region of Smart Factories (ROSF). In this Northern field lab, forty companies and knowledge institutions are working on the development of the new generation of 'smart' factories. This field lab was created by a consortium led by the Northern Development Agency (NOM). Researchers from the University of Groningen have a strong input in the field lab and Demcon is already carrying out a project together with Fokker from Hoogeveen.

More about Demcon

Demcon has more than 300 employees and is a high-end technology supplier of mechatronic products and systems, with a focus on high-tech systems, medical devices, industrial systems & vision, optomechatronic systems and embedded systems. The head office is located in Enschede. There are branches in Eindhoven, Delft, Groningen, Oldenzaal and Münster (D).