Future makers: '3D printing will soon be possible everywhere'

News | March 30, 2017

Once again a full house of interested readers of the Leeuwarder Courant were informed about the impact of the latest technology on our society. After all, 3D printing is everywhere and will soon be accessible to everyone. Geschiere outlined the countless possibilities of 3D printing. “You can use it to make food, a skyscraper and perhaps fully personalized razors in the future.” The application possibilities seem phenomenal, but we are still at the beginning. Or not? Van Veen explains that the aircraft industry already designs and manufactures components that make aircraft up to 50 percent lighter. ,,Imagine the fuel savings that results in!”

Employment opportunities

The fear that new 3D printing poses a threat to employment was reflected in numerous questions from the audience. "That story has been going on for fifty years, but on balance technological innovations have made prosperity greater, not smaller," says Geschiere. However, he says the type of work will change.

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