Kick-off 25/9 Smart Industry Hub Northern Netherlands

News | September 17, 2020

In a special online event on September 25, you can become acquainted with what the Smart Industry Hub can mean for industry in the Northern Netherlands.


Kick-off Smart Industry Hub
Kick-off Smart Industry Hub

Three companies show examples, including our high-tech partner and specialist in visual intelligence ZiuZ, specialist in mass turning Betech and cooperative Royal Cosun, which is working on a 100 percent plant-based and circular future.

Official start

This event is also the official start of the Smart Industry Hub Northern Netherlands (SIH Noord). Therefore, there will be a special opening act. This is done on location at JB Control technology† The entire event will be broadcast live via the internet. 


The program starts at 9:00 am and lasts one hour. It explains what you can expect from the SIH Northern Netherlands as a company or industry. In addition to three examples of companies that are already working hard on Smart Industry, the SIH team will present itself. For more information or to participate, visit the special webpage.

Smart Industry Hub

The SIH Noord is there for all northern companies in the manufacturing industry and the process industry. So for large and small companies, for the frontrunners, but also for companies that have yet to start with digitization and Smart Industry. The Smart Industry Hub program is set up as a menu from which companies can make a choice. The entire program can be run through, but also parts of it. Participation is free of charge for most activities. The content depends on the preferences and questions that entrepreneurs have. 

Skil bib

The so-called 'Skillslabs' are an important part of the Smart Industry Hub. These are demo locations where companies can view and try out Smart Industry solutions. Our own Innovatiecluster Drachten is such a skills lab, where employees can be trained in digital competences and students are trained. The skills labs are set up as a collaboration between companies and education. Skil labs are available in Drachten, Groningen and Emmen.

Go to Smart Industry Hub Northern Netherlands for more information about Smart Industry and the SIH North.