Lots of run-up for ICD at Bedrijvendagen Twente

News | February 16, 2018

Our high-tech business cluster is becoming better known among the students of University of Twente† We noticed this during the 34th edition of this career event. In their own words, it is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, with more than 170 companies presenting themselves to more than two thousand students for two days. 


Our business cluster presented itself in Twente for the third time and with success. In the run-up to our stand, many students came to visit us. "I want to continue working in the North, because my girlfriend also works there," says a student of applied physics. He wasn't alone. A Russian engineering student from Hoogeveen, with a temporary job in the cheese industry, was surprised at the versatile range of high-tech companies. "I was already afraid that I would have to move to the west of the Netherlands to find work, but now I see that there are wonderful companies in the north of the Netherlands." 

High tech safari

Our story is doing well at the technical university. The agreements with the electrical engineering study association ETSV Scintilla, for a lunch lecture and high tech safari along our companies, have only just been made or Applied Physics Study Association Arago register for our special program. ,,We hear positive things about your offer and would like to discuss the possibilities for our study association with you,' says external relations commissioner Michiel Nijmeijer. Friso van den Boom, Commissioner of Internal Relations at ETSV Scintilla, agrees with the great programme. “We are surprised by the versatility of the program and find it unique that we can make a working visit in one day to companies that are very exciting to us.”

Where other companies use their energy for large presentations and beautiful stories, Innovatiecluster Drachten mainly tries to captivate and bind students through the content. "That's why we don't conduct marketing campaigns, but specifically invite students to come and have a look at our companies," explains program manager Joost Krebbekx. “We notice that students really appreciate this and that it matches their needs. They are quite ready for a high-tech safari, including lunch and networking dinner!”


In addition to specific information about our companies and possible jobs, internships and graduation opportunities, one student always goes home with a nice present. A Star Wars BB8 robot. In exchange for contact details, the students compete for this gadget. This time Judith Tell was the lucky one!

On March 6, we will set up our stand during the recruitment days from Eindhoven University.