Matchmaking through High Tech Career Competition

News | June 13, 2021

Last week, ICD organized its own High Tech Career Competition (HTCC), a digital matchmaking for students from NHL Stenden, Windesheim and RuG who are looking for a graduation project or internship at one of our high-tech companies. 

Students were able to personally meet the representatives of the companies present, such as Anouk Sikkens, Tom Bax and Emilie Kernen from photonis, Eric Sloot, Maxime Meijer and Marlous van der Braak van Philips, Johan van Duijne and Jarno Bosch, from ZiuZ, Roderick Dancing from YP Your Partner and Anke Kloosterman and Djoke Attema van NTS Norma and ask the necessary questions about these and other companies affiliated with ICD.

Working within the Innovatiecluster Drachten in the Northern Netherlands offers students numerous opportunities. We regularly say: “The future is yours”.

What makes it so interesting to find a suitable internship or graduation assignment at one of the ICD companies? From the studio, where a livestream of the Career Competition was broadcast, Joost Krebbekx answered this question. 

Students can actively participate in innovative R&D projects with us and, as soon as it is possible again due to the corona conditions, they can, for example, go to Boston through the international exchange program. We also offer a High Tech Masters Honors program and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. What is special is that we share knowledge and work on solutions to social problems. In addition, you can easily transfer to another company within the ICD during your career. You take your experience and knowledge with you and you have a great new challenge to further develop yourself. That's working on your future!

In addition to the presentations of the represented companies, the students could have a one-on-one conversation via a separate online location to get the best possible picture of their possible future workplace. A few matches were soon established.

Preparations livestream recordings