New addition to ICD: GeTech

News | October 10, 2022

On October 11, GeTech joined Innovatiecluster Drachten. This brings the number of high-tech companies affiliated to the cluster to 22.

To make the joining official, ICD organised a ceremony in the presence of Henk Smid, treasurer of ICD, Jan Geerts, CEO of GeTech, Mayor Cees Bijl and alderman Jan Schipper, representative on behalf of the Municipality of Midden-Drenthe and Mayor Jan Rijpstra of the Municipality of Smallingerland. Replacing the ICD Chairman, Henk Smid signed the cooperation agreement today and, as is tradition, this is done on each other's backs. 

Signing cooperation agreement ICD - GeTech

After Henk Smid's welcome speech, Jan Geerts took the floor. "Every day new opportunities arise to do things better. As an innovative organisation, we are constantly developing our products further. Our collaboration with the other ICD companies will certainly help us to exchange knowledge and learn from each other." 

Jan Rijpstra on joining: "With this connective structure, we anchor the environmental vision and businesses, education and government become stronger through cooperation. This way, we build broad prosperity and create more awareness of the Northern Netherlands."

Jan schipper: "We are often modest in the north, but we have built something good together and with the joining of GeTech, the ICD has gained another strong connector."

A short introduction to this special company.
GeTech is a good example of a regional Drenthe company (SME) that has built up a global position in a niche market: specialized in the design, production and measurement of tools and (mould) control molds for 3D-shaped pipes in the automotive industry and aerospace . These pipes are used in the air conditioning engines and installations of well-known car brands and in the jet engines of aircraft. In addition to shape checking, GeTech also performs other types of inspections, such as vision checks. The company has its own design and production capacity using highly automated machining machine tools, operated by operators of at least MBO level 3. In addition, they use CAD software Inventor, which makes it possible to process all common data formats.  

The company wants to further automate in the coming years and would like to collaborate with ICD companies Stork Turbo Blading and NTS Norma.

The same building also houses Binder 3D, a 100% sister company. This company also has close contacts with the ICD and is a partner in the 3D Print Compass project, where it is the link to SMEs that are taking a first step in the field of 3D printing.

GeTech's management has an eye for the environment in which it operates and is happy to contribute to it. Many of the ICD's activities were also undertaken by GeTech, making the company a very good fit with the philosophy and operation of the ICD. 

Entry GeTech - Jan Geerts
Jan Geerts – CEO GeTech
Entry GeTech - Jan Rijpstra
Mayor Jan Rijpstra
Entry GeTech - Alderman Central Drenthe Jan Schipper
Alderman Central Drenthe Jan Schipper
Entry GeTech - Henk Smid, CEO Variass
Henk Smid, Treasurer ICD and CEO Variass Group
GeTech entry at ICD
GeTech entry - signing the contract
Signing the contract by Jan Geerts with Henk Smid
Introduction GeTech - explanation of control molds for the automotive industry and aerospace.
Explanation of control molds for the automotive industry and aerospace by Alco Poppenga