Resato nominated for Drenthe company of the year

News | 25 Jul 2017

If it is up to Rob Castien, CEO of high-tech company Resato International, in a few years' time we will all be driving cars that run on hydrogen. Together with the Holthausen Group, the gas union and sustainable gas station green planet Resato is one of the frontrunners in the Northern Netherlands to make hydrogen available to the general public. 

Driving in a car just has to be clean. And according to Castien, that can be done within ten years. According to him, it is a bit of the well-known chicken-and-egg story. “There are still too few filling stations to refuel cars with hydrogen. That is why everyone is waiting for each other.” According to Castien, an investment in such a car and filling station is very large. "According to his estimate, entrepreneurs spend ten to fifteen years to earn their first euro." Resato International has therefore developed a filling station that is cheaper than a large filling station. “We fill the hydrogen tank with five kilos under the high pressure of seven hundred bar. You can drive about five hundred kilometers with it.”


The jury of the Drenthe Company of the Year has announced the names of the ten companies nominated for the 2017 edition. Based on various criteria, the 122 entries have been reduced to ten participants. Chairman of the jury Eric Zwart: ,,We expect a great battle for the three places in the final during the nomination meeting on 4 October. We are proud of the nominated companies and I wish them every success in the follow-up process.”

At the nomination meeting, the nominees are given the opportunity to present themselves and emphasize why they should proceed to the final. Partly on the basis of these pitch presentations, the jury then selects three finalists who will proceed to the final on Thursday 16 November in theater De Nieuwe Kolk in Assen.