Start Human Capital Agenda Innovatiecluster Drachten

News | 14 Oct 2016

The aim of the Human Capital Agenda (HCA) is to ensure that training courses (in the first instance at the MBO level) are better aligned with what ICD companies need in the future. In addition, we want to investigate whether we could possibly start an ICD training at MBO level from within the cluster in order to ensure good technical training in our region in the long term for MBO students. So that the companies can get and keep well-trained employees in this region in the future.

Klaske Veltman from Neopost opened the meeting and made clear what the objectives of the HR group are; the 'fascination' and 'binding' of staff at all levels and improving knowledge development and exchange between the participating organizations in the cluster and with vocational education.

The R&D funds A+O Metalelektro and OOM provide financial support for the realization of the Human Capital Agenda. Eelke Reimersma of A+O Metalelektro complimented the ICD on the initiative and motivated his support for the ICD. He indicated that he would like to remain involved in this Northern initiative, where special attention is being paid to cooperation with MBO education and where cooperation with other sectors is also possible in the long term.

Organizational consultancy Berenschot will draw up the HCA in collaboration with companies and educational institutions. In his presentation, Johan Stuiver van Berenschot discussed 'disruptive changes', their impact on work and the labor market and which skills will be important in the future. Collaboration between the knowledge institutions, the development of new curricula and new learning methods are a must.

The interviews with the parties involved will soon start and a second meeting will be organized in the meantime. The HCA will be delivered early 2017. We will keep you informed of the (interim) results. If you would like more information or to be involved in this project, please contact Johan Stuiver,