Tenth competitor Innovatiecluster Drachten

News | October 9, 2014

The Innovatiecluster Drachten has had another company since Friday: Science & Technology Corporation or S&T for short. This company has recently been established in Visvliet (between Grijpskerk and Buitenpost), in the same building as KXA Software Innovations. S&T helps other high tech companies to develop systems and processes and reliable software solutions. The company started in 2000 in Delft and now also has a branch in Oslo.

The Innovation Cluster Drachten now has 10 participants: the companies Neopost Technologies, BD Kiestra, Variass Medical systems, Irmato, Norma-IMS, SMST, Whisper Power, Delta Instruments, Philips CL Drachten, and now also S&T. The municipality of Smallingerland supports and facilitates the Innovation Cluster, especially in the field of communication. The participants in the Innovation Cluster are companies involved in the development, production and sale of high-tech products. Together they have more than 2700 employees, of whom 850 are product developers. More than €100 million is invested in research and development in Drachten.

The companies work together to be able to continue to innovate. For example, they make use of each other's expertise. In addition, the companies are looking for training institutes to jointly look at a good connection between education and the labor market. General manager of S&T Erik Zoutman signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the company. Kor Visscher did that on behalf of Innovatiecluster Drachten.