ZiuZ strengthens the Innovatiecluster Drachten

News | June 25, 2015

Gorredijk, June 23, 2015 – By signing the statutes of the Innovation Cluster Drachten, ZiuZ Visual Intelligence has officially joined this partnership of high-tech companies in the Drachten region today as the twelfth participant.

In the meeting at ZiuZ in Gorredijk, the joining was confirmed by the signature of Gerrit Baarda, CEO of ZiuZ, and Piet Fellinger on behalf of the board of the Innovation Cluster Drachten. In their speeches during the event, both the Mayor of Opsterland, which includes Gorredijk, and the Alderman for Economic Affairs of Smallingerland, which includes Drachten, emphasized the importance of cooperation in this region between medium-sized and large companies in the field of High Tech Systems & Materials. A field in which various companies are leading the way in this region. Both nationally and internationally.

“As a specialist in image analysis, ZiuZ is applied for various niche markets, and is a global player for the police and security world and for medical applications,” says Gerrit Baarda. “ZiuZ now brings the acquired knowledge and skills to the cluster. In doing so, we would like to take advantage of the expertise and experience of the other participants in the cluster to set up new innovations and perhaps even further develop them jointly. ZiuZ wants to supply its customers with products that really matter and expects that the collaboration with the other eleven companies can contribute to this.”

The Innovation Cluster Drachten now has 12 participants: the companies Neopost Technologies, BD Kiestra, Variass Medical systems, Irmato, Norma-IMS, YP Your Partner, Whisper Power, Delta Instruments, Philips CL Drachten, S&T, Photonis and now also ZiuZ Visual. intelligence. The municipality of Smallingerland supports and facilitates the Innovation Cluster, especially in the field of communication.

The participants in the Innovation Cluster are companies involved in the development, production and sale of high-tech products. Together they have more than 2700 employees, of whom 850 are product developers. More than €100 million is invested annually in research and development in the Drachten region. The companies work together to be able to continue to innovate. For example, they make use of each other's expertise and unique business facilities. In addition, the companies are looking for training institutes to jointly look at a good connection between education and the labor market.

For further information about ZiuZ Visual Intelligence, see on the Internet: http://www.ziuz.com/en

For further information about the Innovation Cluster Drachten, see: http://www.icdrachten.nl