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About Sparkk Technologies

The history of Sparck Technologies, which was previously known as Packaging by Quadient, has its origin in 1924. It was established in Drachten under the name HaDeWe. From the very beginning, the company focuses on innovation and developing high-tech solutions for other businesses. For example, the world's first automatic clog making machine was invented, designed and built by us in the 1920s. 

A lot has changed since this modest beginning. The company grew over time and the technical solutions evolved in line with market trends. In 2014, we therefore took our first steps into the world of automatic packaging machines for web shops. With the astronomical growth in online ordering, logistics providers were desperate for a solution to pack the many daily orders quickly, efficiently and environmentally friendly. 


Together with our skilled engineers, we came up with a solution to the problems that online retail was facing. We developed smart machines that can size, pack and ship orders automatically and at lightning speed, without air or filling material. With over 300 employees in the Netherlands, the United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, we have worked hard to make sustainable packaging the standard in e-commerce. Today, companies all over the world benefit from our smart packaging systems by saving on box volume, packaging materials and staff costs.

You need a Sparck

As so often, the idea of packaging machines started at the drawing board. But a true total solution can only be achieved when the whole process functions as designed, from start to finish. Our foundation is the reliability of our machines and the passion of our people. Our customers can rely on that. You need a Sparck, to ignite excitement!

Since 2021, Sparck Technologies has been part of the Dutch company Standard Investment based in Amsterdam. Standard Investment owns 16 companies, spread over 4 countries with a total of about 4300 employees and a turnover of more than € 1 billion. 

Innovation Cluster Drachten
Our practices regarding product development, state-of-the-art production and manufacturing of components are also accessible to third parties. In the same way that we cooperate with members of Innovation Cluster Drachten, we are glad to help other companies improve their market position.