13 juni 2021

Matchmaking via High Tech Career Competition

Afgelopen week organiseerde ICD een eigen High Tech Career Competition (HTCC). Een digitale matchmaking voor studenten van NHLStenden, Windesheim en RuG die op zoek zijn naar de juiste match voor een afstudeerproject of stage bij één van onze high tech bedrijven.

2 juni 2021

Industry 4.0 creates opportunities to get back to work

At the end of May, approximately one hundred second-year students from NHL Stenden attended the ICD Safari, which revolved around robotics. When we talk about the combination of robotisation and human labour, the general idea is that robots take over human activities. In essence, this is correct. In fact, this perception was formed years ago, but is it still correct or are new opportunities and choices being created regarding what work should and should not be done by humans?

21 mei 2021

ICD Safari with student association Astatine

Robots can be used flexibly in terms of working hours and they can perform regular tasks, allowing humans to work more efficiently. When would you deploy a robot and what is the tipping point for automating those processes? What is the advantage of 3D printing? The companies Beenen, BD Kiestra and Philips Eze discussed these topics during the masterclasses on Robotics and 3D printing. Students of study association Astatine attended the lectures online, organized by Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD).

19 mei 2021

NTS Norma relocates due to increasing demand for ultra-precision parts

NTS Norma relocates due to increasing demand for ultra-precision parts. NTS Norma is a high-tech first-line supplier that designs, produces and assembles complete mechatronic systems.

12 mei 2021

Vind online je stage met de High Tech Career Competition

Ben jij techniekstudent bij NHL/Stenden, Hanzehogeschool Groningen of de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen? Vind dan online je hightech stage- of afstudeerplaats met de High Tech Career Competition. Dit event vindt plaats op 1 juni a.s. De juiste stage of afstudeeropdracht is zo gemakkelijk nog niet. Want waar begin je en wat sluit het best aan bij je...

11 mei 2021

Siemens Amberg revisited

Last year, a small delegation from Innovatiecluster Drachten (ICD) had planned a visit to Siemens Amberg. This location is 'the' Industry 4.0 location of Siemens. All Industry 4.0 solutions from the Siemens portfolio in terms of factory automation are implemented in this factory.

10 mei 2021

Tired of searching for the perfect internship? Join the HTCC

Finding the right internship or graduation project is not that easy. Where do you start and what fits best with your studies are questions you may ask yourself. We will gladly help you and therefore we present the best high-tech vacancies and internships through our High Tech Career Competition (HTCC). Register now and see which...

30 april 2021

A digital journey of discovery!

Innovatiecluster Drachten organised a virtual meeting for students of secondary vocational education who are studying ICT at one of the regional education centres (ROC) in the north of the Netherlands. The main goal was to inspire the students and provide them with information about the possibilities for their following education, an internship or a job.

7 april 2021

Fryslân DOK ‘Go North, young man!’

Hoe kunnen jongeren zich inzetten voor de ontwikkeling van het platteland? En hoe houden ambitieuze jongeren in Friesland perspectief op een goede baan en een goed thuis, zodat ze niet naar de Randstad hoeven te verhuizen? De Fryslân DOK 'Go North, young man!' is te zien op 10 april bij NPO2 en op 11 april bij Omrop Fryslân.