ICD Welcomes Hytrans

News | September 15, 2023

From left to right Joost Krebbekx Frank Bosveld Councilor Remboud Van Iddekinge Small
From left to right Joost Krebbekx, Frank Bosveld, Councilor Remboud van Iddekinge – Municipality of De Fryske Marren

Innovation is the key word that has shaped the character of the Northern Netherlands for years. ICD is a driving force in this regard, with 23 high-tech companies that collaborate and share knowledge. This week, ICD welcomed Hytrans Systems BV as a new partner, a collaboration that pushes boundaries in technology and emergency response. 

Local Support: Dedication and Enthusiasm

The entry of Hytrans was received with great enthusiasm by local leaders. Mayor Jan Rijpstra of the municipality of Smallingerland underlined the importance of innovation and warmly welcomed Hytrans to ICD, emphasizing that their expertise will be a great addition. In addition, councilor Remboud van Iddekinge of the municipality of De Fryske Marren shared positive words about the importance of water transport and innovation for the region, and how this collaboration represents a step forward.

Hytrans Joins ICD

On September 11, in Lemmer, Frank Bosveld, CEO of Hytrans, signed the collaboration with Innovatiecluster Drachten. This symbolizes ICD's continued pursuit of innovation and diversity.

Binne Visser Philips and Chairman Icd Small
Binne Visser, Chairman ICD (Philips)
Traditionally, signatures are placed on each other's backs because they support each other in the collaboration. Binne Visser - Chairman ICD And Frank Bosveld Hytrans.
Traditionally, signatures are placed on each other's backs because they support each other in the collaboration. Binne Visser – Chairman ICD And Frank Bosveld Hytrans.
Mayor Jan Rijpstra Of Smallingerland Small
Mayor Jan Rijpstra – Municipality of Smallingerland

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The Unique Capability of Hytrans

Hytrans excels in water transport technologies. Their advanced hydraulic submersible pumps allow them to transport water efficiently over long distances, even in the most challenging situations. This is essential in the emergency response sector, where every second counts.

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Frank Bosveld CEO Hytrans Small
Frank Bosveld, CEO Hytrans

The Power of Collaboration

Frank Bosveld, who was previously part of the Innovation Cluster via Sparck Technologies (formerly Neopost), emphasized the importance of collaboration during the event. Innovation, he stated, is enhanced by diverse expertise and connecting forces.

What does this collaboration bring for ICD?

With Hytrans as a new member of the ICD, the cluster will not only grow in size but also in depth. By participating in this dynamic ecosystem, Hytrans will benefit from the synergy and opportunities that arise from collaboration with other innovative companies and research institutes. 

The entry of Hytrans into the Innovatiecluster Drachten represents an important milestone for innovation in the Northern Netherlands. This collaboration promises not only growth in size, but also deep synergies and opportunities. With a shared vision of progress and collaboration between 23 high-tech companies, this collaboration with Hytrans has the potential to create breakthrough solutions and technologies that will have a positive impact on the global community. The focus on innovation and the power of collective expertise will be the driving force behind this exciting new phase in the technological development of the Northern Netherlands.