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Innovatiecluster Drachten consists of 23 high-tech Innovative companies.

We do not compete with each other, but work together. This is how we develop and make high-quality and unique products. We do this by sharing knowledge. That is why we welcome any new insight and are happy to work with technical talents.

We share knowledge, for example, with honors programs for students and High-tech Safaris. We also have special career and development programs for talents and we guide high-tech startups. The companies share high-tech equipment, including industrial metal and plastic 3D printers and cobots in our Shared Facility Center. Our workshops for R&D projects, development and testing facilities for 3D printing and soon auditoriums for school and student programs are also located there.

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This video shows the growth of ICD with various images of events, events, Safaris and High-tech contributions.

7.5 years of high-tech collaboration!

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Innovation meets practice at ICD

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The future of technology and innovation is now. ICD proved this once again with a fascinating High Tech Safari, where 240 Applied Physics students from the University of Groningen took a look behind the scenes of the high-tech industry. The mission of this event is to inspire students and professionals with the latest developments in technical…

Innovation through collaboration is the key to success in EMC technology

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In the world of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), collaboration is not just a buzzword, but the essence of progress. This was proven again during a recent measurement session at Astron's Wireless Data Lab (WDL), where companies and technicians with specialized knowledge in high-frequency electronics joined forces. Participants such as VARIASS, Ventura, Spark Holland, ZIUZ, and…

Successful participation of ICD in Delft Career Days

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On Monday, February 19, 2024, our Innovation Cluster proudly participated in the Delft Career Days, organized by Delft University of Technology. This day offered a unique opportunity for students to orientate themselves on their future careers and for companies to meet talented candidates. The day started early, with setting up the…

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“I came into contact with this platform (Part of the Smart) through the ICD and found the perfect internship for me. After my internship I immediately rolled into my dream job”

– Henk de Vries


Working within the Innovatiecluster Drachten in the Northern Netherlands offers many possibilities. We regularly say: “The future is yours”.

You can actively participate in innovative R&D projects with us.

What is special is that we share knowledge and work on solutions to social problems.

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