B2B Product positioning in the market



B2B Product positioning in the market

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Marketing and R&D go hand in hand. Ultimately, we design systems that must have valuable functions for the end user. This is not only about converting customer wishes and customer requirements into a product concept, but also about the value for the end user.

What does a customer ultimately pay for it in the form of hard euros? How do we properly estimate that value? And what will be the price we are going to ask? How will pricing evolve over time? And is there price erosion or are we able to maintain the price? 


3 p.m.: dial in 

3.05 pm: welcome word 

3.10 pm: presentation by Philips

4:00 pm: presentation  

4.45 pm: conclusion

Olaf Koning, senior Business Marketing Director Male Grooming at Philips, among others, takes us into the wonderful world of these kinds of important considerations. Come learn!  

This ICD knowledge circle is closed and for invited guests only.