SRON is the Dutch expertise institute that provides breakthroughs in space research.

SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research develops pioneering technology and advanced space instruments for fundamental research in astrophysics, earth science, exoplanets and technology. As national expertise institute SRON gives counsel to the Dutch government and coordinates - from a scientific standpoint - national contributions to international space missions.

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It's not rocket science, it's space science.

SRON was founded in 1983 and is part of the Dutch Research Council NWO. Founded by university groups, SRON has made important contributions - often in a leading role - to the instrumentation of missions of the major space agencies ESA, NASA and JAXA. These contributions have enabled the national and international space research communities to explore the universe and investigate the Earth's atmosphere and climate. As a national knowledge institute, we stimulate cooperation between science, technological institutes and industry.

Space instruments

For example, SRON designs spectrometers, readout and control electronics for international space missions. The space instruments developed by SRON provide knowledge about the evolution of the universe, black holes and the atmospheres of exoplanets, as well as our own Earth. Space is an ideal location to observe both the universe and the Earth. Much of the universe's radiation does not penetrate the Earth's atmosphere, which is why astronomers use space telescopes. These telescopes also provide Earth scientists with the broad view they require to study the Earth's atmosphere.


The engineers design and realise unique research and space instruments. They work closely together with their own scientists, but also with partners from knowledge institutes and the industry. SRON is equipped with state-of-the-art design, manufacturing, assembly and integration facilities. It has the status of an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI).

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