High Tech Safaris for Students with ICD Companies

News | May 31, 2022

The past calendar month was a busy month for the Innovation Cluster. On the occasion of introductory days, about 350 university and HBO students visited the ICD companies.

During these High Tech Safaris, the students were able to follow five different routes to satisfy all their hunger for knowledge about technology. The aim is to show our high-tech Big five: 3D printing, remote sensoring & AI, Vision & Deep Learning, Robotics and Renewable propulsion in practice by organizing theme-oriented excursions to the various ICD companies.

Beenen 100 years - Education FairPresentation Professor Bayu Jayawardhana
Beenen 100 years – Education Fair
Presentation Professor Bayu Jayawardhana
Legs 100 years
Legs 100 years
Robot symposium at Beenen
Robot symposium at Beenen

It is often a combination of substantive lectures and company visits. During such an occasion, we sometimes also ask one of our interns to give a presentation about their graduation assignment. With this they inspire the visiting students to do the same at one of the ICD companies.

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The Wulf
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Shared Knowledge Innovation Learning Lab
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From Twente we received students from the fields of study electronics, physics, creative technology and nano technology. Due to the great interest, we had used two buses on two routes for 100 students from Arago and Scintilla. About 70 HBO students from Hanze Hogeschool, NHL Stenden and Windesheim were guests on the day of the robot symposium on the occasion of Beenen's 100th anniversary. The last Safari in May was for 75 NHL Stenden and the ROC. A robot afternoon was organized by Philips and Sparck especially for students of electronics, mechanical engineering and IT, with lectures by specialists from Philips and XparVision.

The companies Resato, Photonis, Variass, BD, Whisper Power, Philips, ZiuZ, FMI, Ventura, Kwant Controls, XparVision and DeWulf participated in these Safaris.

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