All primary schools in Fryslân have a robot

News | September 18, 2017

Video of the packing moment of 400 robots on the inking machine of Neopost in Drachten on Wednesday September 6, 2017


You can see how enthusiastic the children are. By including more technology in education as part of the curriculum, interest in technology will grow. A robot is one aspect that the children come into contact with, programming and mechanical building is the other. This introduction to technology cannot start early enough. That's why soon in your class! An own EDU robot.

Our robot in the publicity

Introducing students to technology is fun and building your own 'assistant in the classroom' is great! Many companies and organizations offer technology in the classroom as a gadget. We go further by giving the robot a role in the curriculum to support the children in math, learning a foreign language and programming. Because we go further than just delivering a gadget, journalists are interested. View their contributions here.

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