André Kuipers guest at EDU-robotics event

News | December 18, 2017

In theater De Harmonie, students from all Frisian primary schools come to this special return day with their own EDU robot from 09:00 to 13:00. Four students, the robot and one supervisor per school were invited to experience this special EDU robotics event. The children are introduced to the robots of the other Frisian primary schools and there is a great program! The high-tech companies of Innovatiecluster Drachten also introduce the children to all kinds of robotics at a special experience market. 

Program (with reservation)

  • 9.00 am – walk-in with soft drink and cake
  • 9.30 am – start program in the hall
  • schools present their own robot
  • 10.00 am – astronaut André Kuipers
  • 11 a.m. – EDU-robotics Challenge award ceremony by deputy Sander de Rouwe
  • 11.30 am – 'meet & greet' with André Kuipers for the winners
  • start robotics experience market
  • 13:00 – Closing.

Sign Up

Two students, one robot and one supervisor can be registered per school. Use the form on the special EDU-robotics event page.

Vlog Challenge

All schools have been challenged to make a vlog of what they do with their own robot. Submitting a vlog for this challenge is extended until January 31. ,,This can be about assembling the robot, but also about what the students teach their technical friend'', explains Bas de Nooijer of Innovatiecluster Drachten. ,,A meeting between Santa Claus and EDU robot is of course also a nice vlog item. Or how students practice the table of 10 together with the robot." All vlogs are collected on the Facebook page of EDU-robotics. ,,We will choose a top 5 from all entries. We will announce three winners during the event. They all get an extra robot buddy for the classroom and an exclusive 'meet & greet' with André Kuipoers. The winning class will also receive an exclusive tour of Phillips in Drachten. There the students can see real industrial robots at work!'' Upload another vlog? then do that here.