Automatic packaging in letterbox format

News | July 17, 2023

Spark Technologies has provided one of its packaging lines, the CVP Everest, with an innovative upgrade. This extremely fast packaging machine, capable of producing up to 1,100 custom boxes per hour, is now capable of producing packaging as small as 28mm high. This makes the shipping packaging suitable for most European mailboxes.

The new 28 mm height profile is an important step in the automatic packaging process. Arnoud Koopmans, Sales Manager at Sparck Technologies explains: “When it comes to shipping online orders, a suitable shipping box is invaluable. Making packaging slim enough to fit through a letterbox adds a new dimension to delivery. The postal rates for letterbox mail are considerably cheaper; it easily saves a euro per package. In addition, no second delivery attempt is necessary if the recipient is not at home.”

The improved box profile of the CVP Everest therefore has a positive impact on transport movements in addition to saving on shipping costs. The potential bandwidth of products that can be processed is also significantly expanded. Koopmans: “The minimum box height of the CVP Everest used to be 50 mm. With this extra low profile, orders of children's books or t-shirts can also be tightly packed to size. The 3D scanning technology ensures that the shipping box is folded around the order like a second skin. And now also in letterbox format.”

The CVP Everest, together with the CVP Impack, is one of the two packaging lines of Sparck Technologies. Both systems scan the dimensions of each product in 3D and then cut a custom box from a strip of endless cardboard. This shipping box is fully automatically folded around the order, sealed and made ready for shipment by means of a label. The CVP Impack can pack up to 500 orders per hour. Its big brother, the CVP Everest, is more than twice as fast, reaching 1,100 boxes per hour.

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