Great interest TU students for northern high-tech companies

News | March 20, 2017

They have attractive internships, graduation positions and vacancies on offer. Many students are responding to the northern advances during the annual job and career fairs this month at the TU's in Enschede, Delft and Eindhoven.

To captivate and bind students in mechatronics, electronics, data analysis, sustainable energy generation and technical management, the high-tech companies visit the trade fairs. ,,We started in Delft, where we were able to speak with the students thanks to Berenschot consultancy'', says an enthusiastic Joost Krebbekx. He is program manager at Innovatiecluster Drachten. ,,And with success, because their diverse knowledge turns out to be well applicable within our high companies.''


According to Krebbekx, the power of collaboration within the business cluster is convincingly demonstrated to the students during the trade fairs. “Delta Instruments amazes the students with their infrared technique in milk analysis. And YP Your Partner fascinates with data analysis in the field of predictive maintenance of installations and energy reduction.” Laboratory producer and known for the Petri dishes, BD, shows students of the Biochemical Engineering course their possibilities for innovative automated laboratory systems. And newcomer to the Ventura cluster, it shows how high-tech is incorporated in the most modern buses in the world.

Beyond the wall

In a half-hour presentation, Paul Hiemstra of S&T tells students at Eindhoven University of Technology why it is great to work 'beyond the wall' in the North. “Not only are the houses cheap, the air is clean and the roads are free of traffic jams. You have 16 wonderful high-tech companies that would like to have your knowledge!”


"The career opportunities in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the Northern Netherlands are unknown to most students," says René Ferwerda of BD, "except for a few Northerners who study in Twente, Delft or Eindhoven. That's why it's good to be at these fairs.” Ferwerda and his English-speaking colleague approach countless students to inform them. In between, the students try the Hololens, brought by YP Your Partner. ,,The students are enthusiastic when they hear what we do. For example, Berenschot informs students how they can develop further in various traineeships. You can tell from them that they immediately understand the career benefits of our collaboration.”


In special high-tech safaris, Krebbekx introduces the students to the 'Big 5 of the high-tech'. ,,We pick them up by bus, drive them all day long past our companies of their choice for a look behind the scenes, have a snack in the evening during a network dinner and bring them back home." attention of the students, because various study associations report to the stand. Krebbekx: ,,That way we get in touch with the right students in a very targeted way. And who knows, they might come back for a career in the high-tech manufacturing industry in the North.”